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    Here you will find all the resources to help you become a Dog Champion.

    To complete the training you need to watch both webinars and complete the online Canine First Aid course.

    Once you have completed these actions please contact Penny who will arrange for your Dog Champions certificate to be sent out.

    If you have any questions or you need support for a pet in your service please contact penny@streetpaws.org.uk or info@streetpaws.org.uk or call us on 0333 880 2997.

    We hope you enjoy the course!

Available courses

Hostels are an essential part of the response to homelessness providing a temporary place to stay and supporting with permanent solutions for housing and reintegration into society.  Research has shown that fewer than 10% of hostels are pet friendly leaving a homeless pet owner at a disadvantage. Fewer than 7% of homeless pet owners would give up their dog in exchange for housing.

The bond between a homeless person and their pet is well documented and provides many positive mental and physical benefits to the owner. Despite this most people who are homeless are asked to give up their pet to access accommodation.  

Street Paws charity believe that owning a dog should not be a barrier to accessing support and a safe place to sleep which is why we set up the Dog Champion Scheme.

The Street Paws Dog Champions Scheme support hostels to become pet friendly and provides:

  • Accredited Staff training and support
  • Canine First Aid training and First Aid Kit
  • Pet policies
  • Owner agreements
  • Welcome pack of pet essentials for residents
  • Street Paws patient registration and full veterinary care

On this learning platform you'll find all of the information to help you become a Dog Champion.